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Board and Train (also known as Residential training) is a great option for people who either don't want to do their own training or simply just don't have the time.  You can bring your puppy in for daily, weekly, or monthly sessions with one of our trainers.  This training methods actually will give you the most gains in the shortest amount of time without a doubt.  Instead of us training you to train your dog, we simply train your dog.  We will set up multiple times throughout the day to work with your dog one on one.  This technique allows us to help your dog excel faster in training because of your dogs attention span.  Just as you, yourself, would get bored and lose focus in a lecture that drones on and on, so would your dog.  Dogs learn quicker with multiple small sessions rather than one great big LONG one.  After our training sessions then we will show/demonstrate what your dog knows and then work with you to make sure that the two of you are "on the same page".  Once your dog knows his commands and you know his, he will be more than willing to follow your lead.    

Options for Board and Train:

  • Daily - allows owners to drop off their dog during the morning (often times on their way to work) and pick them up later in the day.
  • Weekly - we allow weekly board and trains AFTER a minimum 2 week visit.  The reason for the 2 week initial visit is that often times it takes a couple of days for the dogs to get comfortable with their new environment and their trainer.  It is much easier to work with a dog that enjoys working with you rather than being "forced" to work with someone they aren't familiar with.  The 2 weeks allows time for the trainer to bond with your dog and begin achieving our training goals.
  • Boot Camp -   most owners love this option.  Boot Camp allows the dogs to stay with us during the week and then go home on the weekend to spend time with their family.
  • Monthly or Extended Stay - is ideal for owners that are looking for advanced training.  We use this option for our owners that are wanting their dogs titled, are in need of specialty training, or have behavioral issues.
    • Competition training
    • Behavioral training
    • Rehabilitation Training
    • Tracking Training
    • Narcotics/Explosives
    • Specific Assistance Training
    • Personal Protection Training

What you will need to bring:

  • Your Puppy / Dog
  • Your dog's own food
  • Copy of your dog's vaccination record (if not through Sequoyah Animal Hospital)
  • List of commands you would like your dog to learn
  • List of behaviors you would like your dog NOT to do
  • ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE (unless you don't mind if it accidently gets misplaced or your dogs chews it up.)

What Commands your dog will learn (depending on duration of stay):

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Leash Walking
  • Stay
  • Place
  • Sit out of Motion
  • Down out of Motion
  • Load in Vehicle
  • Food refusal
  • Leave it
  • Additional commands can be added based on your own individual needs and the duration of the time that your dog will be staying with us.



For Puppies:

  • Housebreaking -- Great way to help teach housebreaking is to do DAILY Board and Train.  Instead of trying to keep your puppy confined to his crate while you are away at work each day (and trying to make it home on your lunch break to keep him from potty-ing in his crate), your puppy will be learning basic training and be receiving crucial housebreaking guidance while leaving you free to focus on your own day. 
  • You can combine both good socialization with obedience training as many of our young dogs get to go on "trips" to new places such as Tractor Supply where we frequently encounter other people and new and "exciting" things helping to stimulate them mentally and providing our trainers with opportunities to instruct the puppies in proper behavior.

For Juvenile Dogs and Adults:

  • For most young adults, we prefer to do either a Doggie Boot Camp or Monthly/Extended Stay.  The benefit to these programs with our slightly more mature pups is that the owners are going to be able to see faster advancement in their training as the pups will not being wearing themselves out with their excitement each morning that they get to "go train".  They will be able to remain more focused on their training with a higher level of energy.
  • For owners that are concerned with both training as well as looking for something to keep their dog busy on days when they are going to be gone for extended periods, the daily Board and Train is a good option as well.



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