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Here at Sequoyah K9 Academy we believe that in most cases the "ideal" training method is most likely a combination.  Often times in a household there is a mixture of personalities and just as your dog much adapt to those people, those people much also learn to adapt to your dog. 

  • Example:  For example, if the husband likes to come home in the evening and roughhouse with the dog but yet the dog hardly ever jumps on him, he may not actually fill the the dog needs any training.  However, on the other hand, the dog might spend the days constantly jumping on the wife or kids, causing frustration and some resentment.  In reality, the dog may simply being trying to "play the game" that the husband has taught him with other members of the household in an attempt to bond with them as well.  Instead, the other members of the household prefer that he spend the days outside waiting on the husband to come home.  Then, when they do let him back inside, he is even more grateful and excited and attempts even harder to elicit "play".

In cases like this, often times BOARD and TRAIN is an ideal starting point but then that may need to be followed up by a few One-On-One sessions with members of the household.  Make no mistake, in most cases, the dog can continue to roughhouse with the husband while also learning the correct or preferred interaction with the other members of the family.

We will be glad to consult with you about what training period would be the best for your situation.  Don't hesitate to contact us or we can even schedule an evaluation for your individual dog.


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